Driveway, Path and Patio Cleaning in Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley

Allow us to restore your driveway or patio back to their best with our professional pressure cleaning service. We can refurbish it back to its original condition for a fraction of the price. Let GB Surfacing do the hard, wet work for you. GB Surfacing will help you to protect your initial paving investment, maximising the durability and appearance of your external hard surfaces. We clean up after we have finished, and you don’t even need to be in when we carry out the work.

Restoring your driveway or patio back to its best

A little oil spillage on your drive doesn’t mean it’s time for new block paving, and nor does a bit of moss on your patio mean it’s time for new slabs. From grubby to gleaming, whether it’s a driveway, patio area, a path or a terrace you require restoring, we will be able to get it back to its best. With our petrol-powered pressure washer, we are able to clean many kinds of surfaces including block paving, paving slabs, plus both natural and reconstituted stone. Using variable high pressure water that’s 4-5 times the power of the water from standard jet washers, our rotary head cleaners don’t leave the unattractive “striping” effect like standard jet washers but instead restore your outdoor surfaces back to their exact original condition.

Improve the appearance of your property

Providing the answer to many kinds of problems, we can quickly and easily remove stains, unsightly weeds, moss, lichen and algae and remedy problems caused by the weather. In addition to this, our professional rotary washing service will also solve the problem of discolouration, restoring your driveway or patio back to their original condition, which will improve the overall appearance of your property.

Algae and moss control

Our driveway and patio cleaning service isn’t just about appearance though. Using our professional rotary washer, we can also make your patios, paths and driveways safer. As well as being unsightly, algae and moss covered patios, paths and driveways can also become dangerous if not maintained. Especially true in winter, by washing away algae and moss, we can stop the surfaces around your property from becoming slippery.

our services include

High powered rotary pressure washer cleaning
We require access to an outside tap and will bring all the relevant attachments to connect the water supply to the pressure washer. The unit uses minimal water during the process and no chemicals are used.
Re sanding of block paving
Dry kiln sand is used to replace any sand that has been removed during the cleaning process. We can use a sand stabiliser product to help keep the sand in place. These compounds are typically a liquid that is applied over the surface of the paving from where it penetrates the jointing sand and begins to set or cure, binding together the individual grains of sand, and, in some cases, binding the sands to the edges of the paving. Any excess liquid left on the surface of the paving is rapidly worn off and the character of the work is unaffected.
Removal of cracked grout and replaced with resin based compounds
Traditional grout can become cracked and loose over time. We can grind out old grout and apply the latest resin jointing compounds which are much more durable. They are a tough, reliable, permanent jointing solution, giving a stain free finish. Jointing compounds are resistant to weeds, mosses and mining insects such as ants. They are capable of withstanding stiletto heels and withstanding high-pressure water jet and steam cleaning.
Repair work
We can lift and relay sunken block paving and relay loose slabs
Sealing of block paving and natural stone paving
Once we have jet washed the surfaces of your property, we’d highly recommend that you take advantage of our sealing service. Whether it’s your driveway, your patio or your paths that we have washed, sealing those surfaces will ensure they stay looking new for longer. Quickly applied, we will have your paving and other surfaces sealed and ready to walk on in a matter of hours. The benefits of sealing your surfaces are huge. In addition to keeping them looking newer for longer, sealing them will also strengthen and maintain the performance of your paving as the sand we use is bonded by the sealant. Sealing your driveway, patio and other surfaces will also: • Help to enhance the appearance of older paving • Make the surfaces less porous, meaning they are more resistant to the penetration of stains including dirt, oil and fuel • Increase the safety of your paths and walkways by preventing the growth of slippery grass, weeds, algae and lichen on them • Seal the cracks in the surface and help to prevent ants and other creatures from building nests between them • Make the surface easier to maintain for the future • Protect your surface against frost damage • Provide a UV shield to reduce colour fade from the sun

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