Driveways are an integral part of the house. It is more than just a location where you park your car. Since a driveway is the first thing a visitor will see at the entrance of your house, it should be functional and aesthetic. The choice becomes difficult with so many types of materials and driveway options available in the market.

Which driveway should you select for your house? If this question is bothering you, here are a few types of driveways you can opt for in your house. For driveways in Rotherham, make sure that you visit a professional company for driveway construction.

What are the different types of driveways suitable for homes?

Gravel driveways

This is made with sand, clay and rock. This is one of the most pocket-friendly driveway options. If you’re in a hurry, a gravel driveway is your best bet. You can get it constructed without much ado. However, you need to pay much attention to a gravel driveway’s maintenance part. Since the gravel fits in loosely, the grass and weed growth chances are high in this type of driveway. So, keep on cleaning and de-wedding if you stick to gravel driveways.

Cobbled driveways

Cobbled driveways have long existed and will lend your property a rustic charm. It is the old-fashioned British driveway available in a range of colour options. Moreover, they will fit perfectly well with the colour of the house’s exterior. You’re going to get a range of cobbles available that you can use for the driveway.

Block paver driveways

Block paving driveways are made from concrete materials like natural stones and brick. One of the distinct benefits of a block paver driveway is that It comes in different designs and patterns. So, it is a perfect option for the front driveway of the house. It’s definitely a visual treat. Block paver driveways are sturdy and don’t get damaged easily.

Concrete driveways

The most traditional type of driveway is a concrete driveway. They are cost-effective, easy to install and don’t need regular maintenance. You don’t need to concentrate on removing weeds or stains or cleaning the driveway, for that matter. It is also a sustainable option compared to other types of driveways. The minimum thickness of a concrete driveway for homes is around 4 inches. This thickness makes the driveway more sturdy and increases the lifespan of the driveway as well.

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