The importance of paving cannot be neglected as it helps the surface look aesthetic and boost safety. Block Paving in Doncaster is environmentally sustainable and durable but needs maintenance to keep it clean and in optimum condition. Here are some cleaning and maintenance techniques to prevent the paving from deteriorating. 

Easy maintenance tips for paver blocks 

Avoid Vigorous Cleaning Initially: Intense cleaning and using pressure washers or vacuums can damage the paving by potentially removing the jointing material. Topping with the jointing sand by brushing the sand over the pavers and into the joints during the initial period will prevent the growth of weeds or moss. 

Routine Cleaning: The paving needs to be cleaned occasionally after a few months. You can remove dirt using a stiff, bristled brush on a dry paving. Make sure to remove and scrape if there are any moss or weeds. Use a liquid washing soap or detergent (non-acid based) to clean the paving surfaces. Using acid-based cleaning products can permanently destroy the paving by affecting the block’s pigmentation. 

Grease Stains: Blocks can have oil or grease stains that need to be cleaned as soon as possible. To remove such stains, use cloths or paper towels to absorb oil or grease and soapy water to scrub the surfaces. To make the blocks stain-free, you may need to repeat this method several times. 

Rust Stains: Removing rust spots can be challenging. Though many products remove them from the blocks, make sure that you follow the product’s instruction manual before applying them to the area. 

Avoid using moss-killing chemical cleaners: If you witness moss growth, there is nothing to worry about, as it doesn’t penetrate the paving and stays on top of debris or dirt over the paving joint. You can easily remove it by scraping or scrubbing. There are various moss-killing chemicals in the markets, but using these can potentially discolour the paving. 

Lichen Removal: Lichen penetrates the blocks, unlike moss and is way tougher to remove. You can apply a fungicidal chemical to the affected area and leave for a few minutes; use a brush afterwards to scrub the surfaces and rinse thoroughly. 

Lichen can leave the blocks with permanent marks, so it is best to practise seasonal cleaning. 

These are some cleaning tips to maintain the blocks in their best condition. At GB Surfacing, we also offer a wide range of driveway and patio solutions. Contact our experts if you want professional block paving services in Doncaster or a free quotation.