Patios are a favourite part of the maximum gardens throughout the UK. It makes the perfect spot for enjoying outdoor activities, hosting barbeques and soaking in the sun. There are a plethora of options to select the right paving for your project if you are looking to resurface your patio.

Best Types of Paving For Patios

  1. Block Paving: This is the most versatile choice for resurfacing patios and is made using concrete or clay. Block paving in Rotherham can be laid in detailed patterns and designs, which help in creating an aesthetic look. These blocks can be easily customized according to the preference of an individual. One of the key perks of block paving is its availability in a wide range of shapes and colours. It allows you to tailor your new patio’s look per your requirements. Such paving is also ideal for driveway resurfacing projects and adds a spark to your property. But we suggest reaching out to a professional expert company if you want top quality paving blocks for your patio.
  2. Indian Sandstone Paving: This type of paving is one of the most well-known garden paving solutions. It is preferred because of its natural stone appearance instead of something that appears manufactured. Indian Sandstone Paving is perfect for patios and other connecting walkways. It can also create a smooth flow around your garden as you move from one area to the next. The use of cement material offers great consistency, making it an extremely resilient surface option. It is available in several different textures, colours and finishes, making it easy for you to achieve the look you envisioned for your garden.
  3. Porcelain Paving: This type of paving is formed by making a combination of sand, clay and other minerals in a high-temperature kiln. It is highly water-resistant, scratch proof and durable. They are incredibly hard-wearing and non-porous, making these slabs perfect for patios and pathways. It also doesn’t require much maintenance because of being resistant to water absorption. They do not harbour bacteria like porous surfaces, and just a simple wipe can maintain them for years.

At GB Surfacing, we offer premium quality block paving in Rotherham. We provide a range of driveway solutions to uplift the look of your property. Contact us today or check our website to learn more about our services.