What is Porcelain?

Porcelain paving is formed by baking a mixture of clay, sand and other minerals in high temperature kiln. Known as the vitrification process. This produces an incredibly durable and non – porous product.

6 reasons to chose Porcelain:

  1. Easy to clean and maintain – no need for chemicals. Soapy water and a brush or mop will keep your paving clean
  2. No sealants are required – as its non porous you need not worry about staining
  3. Resistant to erosion – water cannot penetrate the paving, keeping your patio strong and secure
  4. Will last for years – extremely hard wearing, resistant to sun fading, frost, moss and algae growth
  5. Porcelain paving has an anti slip texture – so improving safety in the Winter months
  6. Porcelain comes in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours

Is Porcelain expensive?

Porcelain is a premium product and often thought to be expensive. There are porcelain products to suit all budgets

Porcelain installation at GB Surfacing:

Pavers are cut with a table saw which has a porcelain specific wet blade – precision cutting or hand held grinder to create features and detail
A full mortar bed and a primer is always used, tile spacers and a levelling system are used for each paver to ensure consistent narrow joints

For porcelain-paving that enhance your property and garden, call