A driveway comes in various stunning natural stone finishes, colours and sizes. Although your driveway may be just a slab of asphalt, building a new one is very complicated. Let’s examine the process involved in building a new driveway.


Step 1: Planning

You must remove the old asphalt if you already have a driveway but wish to rebuild it with new asphalt before any construction can start. Plans must be made for your driveway’s exact position and layout if it is a new construction.

Step 2: Grading

To ensure that appropriate water drainage and avoid future collapse, the ground on your driveway must be built on and graded before construction begins. Before materials are placed down, water is occasionally sprayed with a pump over the graded area to establish the direction in which the water will flow naturally. To attain an appropriate grade, mounds or low areas are levelled or filled.

Step 3: The Base

The area where your driveway will be located is base soil spread across it. It is then covered with crushed stone and compacted, typically with a drum roller. To guarantee proper drainage, jagged and gritty rock is influential.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

The pavement that composes your driveway must be shaped at 45-degree angles along every edge to encourage good water drainage. After the driveway is complete, the homeowner can restore any landscaping that may have been damaged during construction.

Although there are step-by-step instructions for building a new driveway, hiring a professional is far wiser and safer. You can benefit from working with the proper driveway contractor in several ways:

  • The use of only state-certified, premium materials.
  • The cost will be affordable.
  • We’ll adjust our project to fit your needs precisely.
  • The work will be completed expertly and elegantly.

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